Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 5, 2017 DRAFT RCM Report

Ontario Regional Service Committee Meeting - April 23, 2017

***Due to a last minute emergency at work, I was unable to attend the April Regional meeting.

The minutes from that meeting are not yet available so, I've asked a fellow addict, who was in attendance, for information. The following is a DRAFT REPORT which MAY CONTAIN ERRORS AND OMISSIONS, as the member was strictly relying on his memory.

I'll update the blog once the Regional Secretary has posted the minutes.


ORCNA XXX (2017) Toronto - Updates

  • May 19-21st at the Hilton Meadowvale in Mississauga - THAT'S TWO WEEKS FROM NOW. PLEASE ANNOUNCE AT YOUR HOME GRPS
  • The host/convention hotel is sold out (cancellation wait list is in place). The Courtyard Marriott and the Marriott Residence Inn are a ten minute walk from our convention and, at last check, had rooms available.

ORCNA XXXI (2018) Blue Mountain
  • Sorry, no updates at this time

  • Bid packages to host this convention are due for presentation in July 2017 so that RCMs can vote on it/them in October 2017.

  • Coordinator position will be vacant as of October 2017.

Hospitals & Institutions
  • The H&I Coordinator has resigned from this position. It is vacant.

Public Information
  • 1000 paper copies of the Regional Meeting List were available for pick up at the April meeting. After a discussion with the Coordinator, the decision was that mailing them to us would not be a prudent use of NA funds so, 10 copies will be available for pick up at the July Reg'l meeting.

Northern Outreach
  • Newly elected at this meeting - Mike D from North Bay

Regional Delegate Reports (CANA/NAWS)

Nothing available to report at this time


  • Northern Outreach - Mike D from North Bay
  • Alt-Treasurer - Kathy O (sp?) from Toronto
  • Alt-Secretary - Dana M from Hamilton


  • Alt-Chairperson - 3 years clean time
  • Regional Delegate - 6 years clean time
  • Alt-Regional Delegate - 5 years clean time
  • Hospitals & Institutions Coordinator - 4 years clean time
NOTE: PR Coordinator & Literature Coordinator positions will be vacated effective October 2017... now's the time to benefit from some mentoring.


Tax lawyer was consulted and a letter from him/her was presented with the following recommendations:
  • Yes, ORSCNA owes taxes
  • Suggestion is that ORSCNA incorporates
Though the member I consulted wasn't 100% sure, he believed the cost incurred for the lawyer was approximately $4000... this number is to be confirmed.

A motion for the Treasurer to reach out to AA to investigate further (per the recommendation of the NA World Service Board Chair - who was in attendance and made the suggestion) was passed.

I'm afraid that's all I have to offer at the moment but you can always check out NA World happenings at www.NAWS.org, Canadian Assembly of NA happenings at www.canaacna.org, or Ontario Region happenings at www.orscna.org.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.
Cindy C

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