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August 2017 RCM Report

Ontario Regional Service Committee Meeting - July 16, 2017


ORCNA XXX (2017) Toronto - Wrap-up

  • Final audit has been completed. Total profit was $20,132.60.
  • ORCNA XXX had 793 paid registrations
  • By comparison, ORCNA XXIX in Blue Mountain made a profit of approx $7000
  • It was noted that registrations for ORCNA XXX were increased by $10 each and with 793 registrations, that's almost an $8000 impact on the bottom line.

ORCNA XXXI (2018) Blue Mountain
  • ORCNA XXXI is having a Logo & Theme Song contest. Here's the flyer.
  • The ORSCNA minutes say that a report was presented and submitted by the OCRCC but, after having scanned the 209 pages of the report several times, I can find no report. While I have notes from each of the other reports, I find no mention of the contents of this report in my notes and I don't remember hearing it. (maybe I stepped out to pee?). I'll f/u with the Secretary.

  • Limestone Area (Kingston, Belleville & surrounding area) presented this bid.
  • Niagara Area presented this bid.
  • RCMs should return with their Area's conscience at the October 2017 ORSC meeting

  • $37,847 sales for the last quarter, including $5,234 at ORCNA XXX.
  • It Works: How & Why is now available on CD/MP3
  • Numbered lines copies of the Basic Text are available.
  • Literature Chair position will become vacant at the October meeting.
  • ORSC website is outdated, unsecure, and the error log continues to increase because this 15+ year old code is not compatible with today's technology.
  • If someone would like to bring a motion, the webservant has the skill and willingness to bring the ORSC website into the 21st century
  • Final cost for the lawyer re: written opinion on incorporation was $1678.05.
  • The lawyer estimates the cost of incorporation via him to be $2K-$5K. The cost to incorporate without a lawyer is $400-$750 which would cover necessary permits, licenses and name searches.
  • Motion 04-15-17 for Treasurer to investigate what AA has done was met with an understaffed office not willing or able to provide any details beyond the fact that they are a NPO registered with Rev Cda.
  • Motion 05-07-17 was passed that ORSC Treasurer to move forward with incorporation.
  • $10,000 contribution being sent to CANA/NAWS (50/50)
  • $1077.73 still outstanding from former PR Coordinator Paula D. While $30 was received on July 16, she's not even coming close to meeting her obligation, per the agreement.
Hospitals & Institutions
  • Position is vacant
Public Information
  • Hosted a PR Web meeting in May
  • In collaboration with Canadian Assembly and a few Areas, PI represented NA at the conference "Implementing Evidence Based Practices in Addictions and Mental Health
  • Brian's term as PR Coordinator is finished in October and he has been very proactive about getting this role filled. On that note, Brian has been mentoring David W. from the Toronto Area and is confident that, come October, this important service commitment will be in good hands.
  • A final reminder that Brian created a PR presentation/slideshow in October 2015 to share with all Areas. Please check it out here.

Northern Outreach
  • Again, this reported is noted in the minutes as presented and submitted, there is no record of this report available.

Regional Delegate Reports

Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous (CANA)
  • CCNA XXV will be held in Calgary from September 29-October 1, 2017. To subscribe for updates or find the registration flyer, click this link
  • It's not too late to register and attend. Register here.
  • The CANA/ACNA meeting will be held in Calgary September 24-October 1.
    • The following positions are up for election at this meeting:
      • Chair - 5 years clean
      • Vice-Chair - 5 years clean
      • Secretary - 4 years clean
      • Treasurer - 5 years clean
      • NCRC - 7 years clean (National Convention Resource Coord)
      • Written resumes need to be submitted by September 17th.
  • Currently considering Quebec and PEI for CCNA XXVI.
  • PSA 2017 - 1st campaign June 5-July 9 was $4520, paid by CANA and the 2nd campaign July 10-August 6 was $5736, paid by Canada wide group, area and regional participation.
  • Letter to RCMP Commissioner was sent out March 25, 2017. Two reports indicate that the letter is attached but neither attached it so it will require some legwork to access a copy of the letter.
  • Inuktitut translation - we're asking for assistance from AA, as they have literature translated in this dialogue.
  • First Nations Cree - looking for someone to assist in the final translation.
  • Quebec Regional Convention (QRCNA) XXX will be held in Levis (south shore of Quebec City) Thanksgiving Weekend
  • CANA/ACNA is working hard on providing a bilingual website. Available bilingual members has been a struggle but the project is ongoing.
  • CANA/ACNA Scanning Document deadline is mid-August. Your RCM should have a copy.
  • The DUNS number has now been officially opened and is specifically associated with CANA/ACNA

  • Guide to World Service NA 2016-2018 has been posted to GWSNA. Six of the 236 delegates and alternates of seated regions sent input.
  • World Convention of NA in Orlando, Florida August 30-September 2, 2018. Registration and hotel information is scheduled to be released sometime this month. To subscribe to updates, go to WCNA 37
  • The Annual Report is posted and can be found at 2016 Annual Report
  • Interested in PR? H&I? Inmate Step Writing? Write to or to sign up for these member-driven web meetings which are held every three to four months.
  • WORLD UNITY DAY 2017 will be September 2, 2017. Here's the Flyer


  • Alternate Chairperson - Amanda K from the Toronto Area
  • H&I (4 years) - Vacant
  • Regional Delegate (RD) - Michelle H from Halton-Peel Area
  • Alternate Delegate (AD) - Marc S from Golden Triangle


  • Literature Coordinator (4 years)
  • Public Information Coordinator (4 years)
  • Secretary (4 years)
  • Alt Secretary (3 years)


12-4-16 Motion to change ORSC P&P, Section 7, to add 7.5 January meeting. "Biannually, during a WSC year, the regularly scheduled January meeting will take place over 2 days to be held at a regularly scheduled location. A Conference Agenda Report (CAR) workshop shall be held on Saturday and the ORSC meeting on Sunday."
  • Chair appointed Simone C from Toronto as an Ad-Hoc to investigate options and present financial impact.
  • Ad-hoc came back with some ideas but searching further direction on scope and location the table has in mind.
  • Tabled until January 2017 to investigate cost impact of Toronto meeting.
  • January 2017 - cost impact presented only included the cost of the meeting room and not travel, hotel, per diems, etc of attendees. 
  • Chair extended AdHoc committee until July 2017 
  • Simone C to provide complete financial impact estimate at April 2017 ORSC
  • Motion 06-07-17 is a motion to amend this motion and was passed. See 06-07-17 under New Business heading for details.

13-4-16 Motion that ORSC purchase a "Go To Meeting" package @ cost of $530 annually, beginning Oct 2016 for use by ORCNA XXXI committee. for use by ORSC. Intent is to save an estimated $1500 annually on travel and allow members from the entire region to participate on ORCNA committees.
  • Motion to amend "for use by ORCNA XXXI committee" to "for use by ORSC" carried (20-0-1)
  • Motion passed at Oct ORSC; software has been purchased.
  • January 2017 Note - Financial Request 01-02-17 for $468 approved to pay for one year membership.

10-7-16 To accept ORCNA xxix recommendation motions items 13, 14, and 15 with respect to creating policies around on-line meetings (HERE IS THE LINK TO THE MOTIONS), creating a standardized Task List and a standardized 5-year weighted average budget. Intent: Consistency and required documentation /information as required.
  • July 2016 - motion referred to OCRC until October 2016
  • Oct 2016 - OCRC does not have necessary docs yet; tabled to January 2017
  • January 2017 - motioned severed into three separate motions 10-7-16(13), 10-7-16(14), 10-7-16(15)... see below

10-7-16 (13) Motion to create an instruction document for electronic meeting, including the Policy and Procedure, for inclusion in ORCNA P&Ps
  • January 2017 Referred to Web servant until April 2017
  • P&P approved April 2016 15-0-1

10-7-16 (14) Motion to create a standardized ORCNA Task List, for inclusion in ORCNA P&Ps
  • January 2017 - Motion carried (15-0-1)
  • Here is the link for a copy of the approved Task List

10-7-16 (15) Motion to create a standardized ORCNA Budget, including a column with a 5 year weighted average, for inclusion in ORCNA P&Ps
  • Tabled Oct 2016 & Jan 2017 pending Harold S providing the 5-year weighted average budget
  • Revisit April 2017
  • Tabled to October 2017


05-07-17 "That our Treasurer move forward with incorporation"
  • Motion Carried (20-0-5)
06-07-17 To amend 12-04-16 - Add section 7.5 to ORSC P&P to read "Biannually, during a WSC year, the regularly scheduled January meeting will take place over 2 days to be held at a regularly scheduled location. A Conference Agenda Report (CAR) workshop shall be held on Saturday and be simultaneously broadcast on-line for those that cannot attend. The ORSC meeting will be held on Sunday.

  • Motion passed by unanimous consent.

07-07-17 Add language to P&P 13.3 allowing for members living more than 300 kms (one-way) wishing to stand for an ORSC position election can do so by submitting a service resume and letter of intent in advance and being available to answer questions via telephone or video during the election. (see minutes for exact language)

  • Motion passed by unanimous consent.

08-07-17 To add a budget line item (2.13) to be used for incurred and any future legal fees.
  • Motion passed by unanimous consent.

09-07-17 Change ORSC P&P item 13.1 to have members elected to a position assume their duties immediately after the meeting in which they're elected.
  • Motion passed (23-1-1)

10-07-17 Amend ORSC P&P 13.2 election schedule from "July ODD - RD & AD" to "July EVEN - RD & AD"
  • Motion passed (23-0-1)

11-07-17 - Ad-hoc committee be struck, chaired by the ORSC Treasurer, to investigate making the ORSC Literature Coordinator a paid position. (The current coordinator reports approximately 80 hours work/month)
  • Motion passed (22-2-1)
12-07-17 - Instruct Webservant to rebuild ORSC website and bring it up to current standards
  • Motion passed by unanimous consent
13-07-17 - All ORCNA Committee meetings offer members 300+ kms away (one-way) the ability to attend via GoToMeeting package and vote.
  • Motion to table defeated (12-4-7)
  • Motion passed (21-2-1)
14-07-17 - Change ORSC P&P to require Area Conscience (rather than the current 2/3 majority) for all P&P changes
  • Motion tabled (17-2-3)
15-07-17 - Change ORSC P&P to reflect that only RCMs or Alt-RCMs should vote on ORSC motions. The language and specific changes are in this document.
  • Motion to refer to Areas for Group Conscience passed (15-6-3)
16-07-17 - ORSC P&P to include 7.0 Electronic Meeting Policy. The full policy can be viewed soon as I remember to add the link from my computer when I get to work!
  • Motion carried by unanimous consent

17-07-17 - Add 17.4 to ORSC P&P "any member driving a minimum one-way distance of 300 kms to attend ORSC meetings shall be entitled to one night accommodation." (helping to ensure the safety and encourage the attendance of members from outlying areas)
  • Table to October 2017 
  • Ad-hoc (Cindy C of Ottawa) to provide financial impact analysis

18-07-17 - ORSC P&P 17.0 Expenses address per diem and transportation but makes no mention of accommodation reimbursement. Accommodation expense guidelines need to be added.
  • Motion tabled to October 2017
  • Ad-hoc (Cindy C of Ottawa) to provide financial impact analysis

Additional Information

Request to host the ORSC 2018 Roving Meeting must be submitted at October meeting.

Letter from Jimmy K, written in 1962 - service is it's own reward but sometimes there are bonuses, like having a letter like this shared with me. I happily share it with you here.

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