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February 2017 RCM Report

Ontario Regional Service Committee Meeting - January 15, 2017


ORCNA XXX (2017) Toronto - Updates

  • May 19-21st at the Hilton Meadowvale in Mississauga
  • Registration forms are available here
  • As of January 15th, 163 registrations had been received but only one banquet ticket had been sold. Please pre-register and purchase your banquet tickets asap to help the committee move forward with some confidence.
  • Speaker submissions are requested. Please see the website and submit early to help the committee.
  • Could your Area do a Speaker Jam/Dance or some other ORCNA fundraiser. Your ORCNA XXX committee would appreciate your efforts.

ORCNA XXXI (2018) Blue Mountain
  • To see the original bid package and proposed budget, click on these links: Resort package / Budget
  • ORCNA P&P Change submission: Standardized Task List [original motion 10-7-16 was severed, now motion 10-7-16 (14)] was approved for inclusion in ORCNA P&Ps. Here is a copy of the TASK LIST
  • Elections scheduled for January 7, 2017 were rescheduled for February 11th at the Blue Mountain Resort. It's not too late to get involved with ORCNA XXXI
  • ORCNA Area Committee Service Reps - Get your Area involved in ORCNA by electing an ACSR. ACSRs can "attend" ORCNA meetings via Skype or the new GoToMeeting package.

  • Kingston had expressed interest in putting together a bid package prior to October 2016 but the Kingston RCM has been absent from the past two ORSC meetings and nothing further has been communicated.
  • Bid packages to host this convention are due for presentation in July 2017 so that RCMs can vote on it/them in October 2017.

  • There are new literature order forms which include all available items. The Literature Coordinator requires that orders be on the new forms. He has e-mailed each Area and supplied each RCM with a copy. Excuses will not be tolerated. A hard copy of the regional literature order form is available here.
  • Orders continue to increase. Sales for the quarter were $28,927.05
  • ORSC meeting minutes will be posted on-line by early February

Hospitals & Institutions
  • Literature order sent to Millhaven is confirmed to have cleared their receiving and is now in the hands of inmates.
  • Three more literature orders have since gone out; one to Bath and two to Quinte
  • H&I Coordinator is attempting to bring an NA meeting to Quinte, Kingston and to Millhaven institutions. Members willing to help by attending are encouraged to communicate with Henry at this email.
  • Area H&I Committee Chairs are requested to send a copy of their reports to Henry here.

Public Information
  • 1000 paper copies of the Regional Meeting List will be printed in early April. Please make sure that your meeting information is up-to-date on the ORSC website.
  • Coordinator had ORSC consider having a live person answering the Regional Phoneline instead of voicemail. The concensus at the table was in favour of the concept but agreed that the practicality and real-life experience make it something we don't want to pursue.
  • Brian will be unable to renew his term as PI Coordinator in October. He is eager to find a replacement before then to allow time for mentorship and continuity. Have you considered service at the Regional level? Please contact Brian with any questions or suggestions here: PR Coordinator
  • A reminder that Brian created a PR presentation/slideshow in October 2015 to share with all Areas. Please check it out here.

Northern Outreach
  • Position is vacant

Regional Delegate Reports

Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous (CANA)

  • CCNA XXV will be held in Calgary from September 29-October 1, 2017.
  • Early bird registration online until Feb 15; save 40%. Register here.
  • CCNA XXIV financials were still not available at the time of this report.
  • CANA Elections: this body is actively looking for appropriate candidates for NCRC (Convention Coordinator) and FD/PR East (Fellowship Dvlpmt/Public Relations for Canada East)
  • PSAs on English TV Stations - campaign is moving forward. New PSA "Never Missed a Day of Work" has been chosen to air on Global affiliate stations across Canada for a 50 day period between May 29-August 27, 2017. CANA has purchased 25 spots for $4519.62 and, due to our Not for Profit status, will be matched at no cost by the broadcaster. CANA is asking if Areas or Regions would like to financially contribute to the PSA campaign again this year. The cost in Ontario per spot is $41.97 incl. tax. RD team needs to know by April 15, as cheques need to be received at CANA prior to May 1, 2017. It is important that your PI/PR Coordinators be informed of this PSA program in order to be prepared for potential higher call volumes.
  • PSAs on French TV Stations - PSA "Même ton boss n'en peut plus" will air on Quebec Teletoon and APTN. Campaign will start "a week prior to Regional meeting" (presumably approx. April 10th 2017). Quebec and CANA/ACNA will share this cost. $ amount nor # of PSAs or duration of campaign was not provided at this time. If you'd like more info, please follow up with Michelle H., ORSC Alt. Delegate.
  • A PR Workgroup has drafted and sent a letter to the Commission of the RCMP in the hopes of the RCMP recognizing NA as a viable resource in communities.
  • Corrections Canada - attempting to initiate standardization of forms for volunteers at Federal facilities and clearance at more than one facility. Workgroup is finalizing a letter to be sent out.


  • Mental Health/Mental Illness IP Project - NAWS needs direction from individual members on how to proceed with this project. Your opinion matters. Please send your input here.

  • Daily Meditation Book Project - NAWS is collecting input from the Fellowship to help develop the focus of a book so that we can frame a project plan for consideration at the 2018 World Service Conference. You can help by responding to these questions.

  • Medically-Assisted Treatment IP - you can see a copy of this IP here. It is now available for sale.
  • Interested in PR? H&I? Inmate Step Writing? Write to or to sign up for these member-driven web meetings which are held every three to four months.
  • For the second year in a row, over one million dollars in contributions was received at NAWS. Thank you all for your contribution in assisting to carry the message. 


  • Chairperson - Harold S.
  • OCRCC (Ontario Convention Resource Committee Coordinator) - Yazz V.


  • Alt-Chairperson - 3 years clean time
  • Alt-Secretary - 3 years clean time
  • Outreach Coordinator - 4 years clean time


6-10-15 Consult a tax lawyer re: RCA decision and NA info for discussion and decision on HST status
  • Ottawa's motion to remove the motion required unanimous consent - failed
  • 10 of 19 Areas present (lowest attendance I've see in my time at ORSC). 8 of the 10 Areas present had their Area's Conscience.
  • Roll Call taken: For: Central Lake; Georgian Heartlland; Golden Triangle; Greater London; North Bay; Sudbury = 6   Against: Ottawa, Toronto = 2
  • Motion passes 6-2-0
  • Harold S (incoming Chair) and Bill K (Treasurer) to gather documentation and consult with lawyer. More will be revealed...

12-4-16 Motion to change ORSC P&P, Section 7, to add 75 January meeting. "Biannually, during a WSC year, the regularly scheduled January meeting will take place over 2 days to be held at a regularly scheduled location. A Conference Agenda Report (CAR) workshop shall be held on Saturday and the ORSC meeting on Sunday.
  • Chair appointed Simone C from Toronto as an Ad-Hoc to investigate options and present financial impact.
  • Ad-hoc came back with some ideas but searching further direction on scope and location the table has in mind.
  • Tabled until January 2017 to investigate cost impact of Toronto meeting.
  • January 2017 - cost impact presented only included the cost of the meeting room and not travel, hotel, per diems, etc of attendees. 
  • Chair extended AdHoc committee until July 2017 
  • Simone C to provide complete financial impact estimate at April 2017 ORSC

13-4-16 Motion that ORSC purchase a "Go To Meeting" package @ cost of $530 annually, beginning Oct 2016 for use by ORCNA XXXI committee. for use by ORSC. Intent is to save an estimated $1500 annually on travel and allow members from the entire region to participate on ORCNA committees.
  • Motion to amend "for use by ORCNA XXXI committee" to "for use by ORSC" carried (20-0-1)
  • Motion passed at Oct ORSC; software has been purchased.
  • January 2017 Note - Financial Request 01-02-17 for $468 approved to pay for one year membership.

10-7-16 To accept ORCNA xxix recommendation motions items 13, 14, and 15 with respect to creating policies around on-line meetings (HERE IS THE LINK TO THE MOTIONS), creating a standardized Task List and a standardized 5-year weighted average budget. Intent: Consistency and required documentation /information as required.
  • July 2016 - motion referred to OCRC until October 2016
  • Oct 2016 - OCRC does not have necessary docs yet; tabled to January 2017
  • January 2017 - motioned severed into three separate motions 10-7-16(13), 10-7-16(14), 10-7-16(15)... see below

10-7-16 (13) Motion to create an instruction document for electronic meeting, including the Policy and Procedure, for inclusion in ORCNA P&Ps
  • January 2017 Referred to Web servant until April 2017

10-7-16 (14) Motion to create a standardized ORCNA Task List, for inclusion in ORCNA P&Ps
  • January 2017 - Motion carried (15-0-1)
  • Here is the link for a copy of the approved Task List

10-7-16 (15) Motion to create a standardized ORCNA Budget, including a column with a 5 year weighted average, for inclusion in ORCNA P&Ps
  • Tabled Oct 2016 & Jan 2017 pending Harold S providing the budget
  • Revisit April 2017

11-7-16 Add a 2nd Alternate Delegate position (RD, AD#1, AD#2) with 2 year terms. Intent is to reduce time and burden on RD/ADs. Cost impact is $4162.
  • Chair referred to Alt-Chair to address affects on P&Ps
  • Oct 2016 - Tabled pending update from Alt-Chair with note from motion-maker to include that this would be a non-voting (ORSC) position.
  • January 2017 - Ottawa motion to refer to Areas for conscience failed (7-9-1)
  • Original motion failed (2-13-2)


01-03-17 To change the April ORSC meeting to the 4th Sunday due to Easter on 3rd Sunday
  • Motion Carried (14-1-0)

01-04-17 To approve the 2017 ORSC Budget
  • Motion to amend by Ottawa to include the cost of the now approved 'lawyer's motion' (#16-01-16). Vote 02-08-05 created more discussion because of number of abstentions. Re-vote after discussion 2-14-1; motion to amend failed
  • Motion 01-04-17 passes (15-2-0)

01-05-17 That RD team travel to either a multi-regional workshop or CAR workshop planning meeting in alternate years only and in years of CAR workshops
  • Not written correctly
  • Ruled out of order by the Chair, as per P&P 18.2

01-06-17 That the RD and AD be directed to respect the spirit and intent of the ORSC P&P 19.0 and not attend the 2017 Florida symposium on NA funds and that any funds incurred without prior approval not be borne by NA.
Intent: To address the current (outgoing) RD and AD's intent to attend an unapproved conference.
  • Motion passed 15-0-2

01-07-17 - Substitute motion 12-04-16 "Biennially during WSC year a virtual meeting will be held on the Saturday before the regularly scheduled meeting A CAR workshop shall be held on Saturday and ORSC meeting ill take place on Sunday"
  • Motion stranded - ran out of time

Additional Information

Info re: former PR Chair debt to ORSC - As of October 2016, Paula C had made a total of 3 x $85 payments. Between October 2016 and January 20017, she made 1 x $30 payment, citing financial difficulties. She hopes to resume making regular $85 monthly payments - as per her payment arrangement with ORSC - sometime in 2017. In October 2016, she was on track to complete payment by September 2017 but that is no longer the case. Paula turned over records in the third quarter of 2016 but they were severely damaged. The software package is nowhere to be found.

Ottawa Area Discussion paper regarding the issue of who votes at ORSC was distributed to ORSC in October 2016 so that Areas could discuss and provide their consensus. A discussion on Area consensus' was held in January 2017. Ottawa plans to put forth a motion on this matter in April 2017. The original document is avaialble here.

ORSC Admin Virtual Meetings - Alt-Chair, Harold, mentioned that he'd like to see monthly virtual meetings on the 3rd Sunday for updates and to ensure that everyone is on task. They'll discuss it further and see if they can make it work.

Insurance Policy - February 5, 2017 insurance renewal will include coverage for $40K in literature, as per motion passed in October 2016.

NAWS Environmental Scan: A Request for Input - The attached document and survey have been sent to RDs for their completion and return by April 30, 2017. If you'd like your RD to consider your Areas input, you can fill out this form and return it to your RD in a timely manner.

Ottawa RCM Report to ORSC January 2017 can be viewed here.


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