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Ontario Region Committee Meeting - October 16, 2016


ORCNA XXXI (2018) Bid
  • The one bid submitted at the July ORSC meeting (by the current OCRC) is to hold ORCNA XXXI in Blue Mountain
  • To see the bid and budget, click on these links: Resort package / Budget
  • Motion was tabled until October 2016 for GCC
  • Of 11 RCMs present, 8 RCMs had their group conscience. The motion was passed with these 8 votes. ORCNA XXXI (2018) will be held in Blue Mountain.
  • ORCNA ACSRs - Get your Area involved in ORCNA by electing an ACSR. ACSRs can "attend" ORCNA meetings via Skype or the new GoToMeeting package.

ORCNA XXIX (2016) Blue Mountain - Updates
  • Final financials were submitted with a total income of $7000. It was pointed out that the projected income had been $15000.

ORCNA XXX (2017) Toronto - Updates
  • May 19-21st at the Hilton Meadowvale in Mississauga
  • Registration forms are available here
  • ORCNA XXX H&H Chair resigned. The committee appointed the OCRC to complete the tasks of that position for ORCNA XXX
  • Speaker submissions are requested. Please see the website and submit early to help the committee.
  • Could your Area do a Speaker Jam/Dance or some other ORCNA fundraiser. Your ORCNA XXX committee would appreciate your efforts.

  • Currently, there is $43K worth of literature in the storage locker
  • It is noted that our insurance policy covers a maximum of $30K
  • Coordinator would like replacement value coverage to be increased to $40-$50K, affecting Appendix K of P&P. - this item will be updated with more info when the ORSC minutes are posted for me to see.
  • ORSC meeting minutes will be posted on-line by early November
  • Webservant term was up for election October 2016. Rob was reelected to the position for another term.

Hospitals & Institutions
  • Coordinator, Henry W from Toronto, was elected at July 2016 ORSC for an interim term
  • H&I Coordinator term was up for election October 2016. Henry W from Toronto was elected for his first term.

Public Information
  • Coordinator, Brian S, was contacted via the phone line and did a CBC radio interview on behalf of NA in June/July 2016. Airing date & time is still yet to be determined.
  • Brian does PR e-mail updates. If you would like to be added to the e-mail blasts and be the first to know what's going on in our Region, send Brian your e-mail address here: PR Coordinator
  • A reminder that Brian created a PR presentation/slideshow in October 2015 to share with all Areas. If you'd like to see it, click here.

Northern Outreach
  • Coordinator Tony was absent without notice and did not submit a report.

Regional Delegate Report

Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous (CANA)

  • ELECTIONS - Genina A of Toronto (Ontario Region's outgoing RD) has been elected as the CANA Fellowship Development and Public Relations Coordinator. Paula C (CARNA) has been elected as Vice-Chair.
  • A contribution to NAWS of $12,000 was made (down from $25,000 last year)
  • A DUNS# was approved and ordered that is specific to CANA. It will be used to do electronic financial transactions and CCNA and through the CANA website.
  • CCNA XXIV was a success. Financials were not ready for this report.
  • CCNA XXIV Speaker recordings from the convention are now available in the online store. If you have previously purchased speaker files at the convention and have a coupon code or with to purchase them now, please go to this CANA page. Note that all coupons expire November 30, 2016
  • CCNA XXV is still being finalized. The plan is to have it in Calgary next year.
  • "Every year we run out of time" and will be asking the body for an extra day for the Assembly to meet. The cost will be accommodation and per diem.

  • NAWS ill not be putting together a workgroup for a literature project this cycle, but plans to collect input for potential future literature projects..see next bullets

  • Mental Health IP Project - NAWS needs direction from individual members on how to proceed with this project. Your opinion matters. Please send your input here.

  • Daily Meditation Book Project - NAWS is collecting input from the Fellowship to help develop the focus of a book so that we can frame a project plan for consideration at the 2018 World Service Conference. You can help by responding to these questions.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment IP - you can see a copy of this IP here.
  • NAWS Membership Survey - was completed by 22,803 members - the largest number of participants to date. Here are the results.
  • Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions book has been published and is now available for sale ($15.10 in Ontario Region)
  • 7th Tradition/Literature contributions were 13%/87%. (last few cycles, 7th Tradition contributions was at 9%)
  • The WSC 2016 4th Draft Summary of Decisions is available here


6-10-15 Consult a tax lawyer re: RCA decision and NA info for discussion and decision on HST status
  • As per January 2016 amendment, Bill K has sent requests for quotes to 3 firms (all in Toronto).
  • Tabled to Oct 2016 while awaiting replies
  • Quotes presented at Oct meeting (info forthcoming when ORSC minutes available on-line) ranged from approx $3000-$8000
  • This motion was GCC'd. RCMs to return with Group Conscience in January 2017

12-4-16 Motion to change ORSC P&P, Section 7, to add 75 January meeting. "Biannually, during a WSC year, the regularly scheduled January meeting will take place over 2 days to be held at a regularly scheduled location. A Conference Agenda Report (CAR) workshop shall be held on Saturday and the ORSC meeting on Sunday.

  • Chair appointed Simone C from Toronto as an Ad-Hoc to investigate options and present financial impact.
  • Ad-hoc came back with some ideas but searching further direction on scope and location the table has in mind.
  • Tabled until January 2017

13-4-16 Motion that ORSC purchase a "Go To Meeting" package @ cost of $530 annually, beginning Oct 2016 for use by ORCNA XXXI committee. Intent is to save an estimated $1500 annually on travel and allow members from the entire region to participate on ORCNA committees.
  • Motion tabled by motion-maker to October 2016 ORSC
  • Motion passed at Oct ORSC

6-7-16 Motion to accept Ontario Convention Resource Committee, which eliminates Hotels & Hospitality from ORCNA & current OCRC position. This doc replaces ORSC Appendix H and ORCNA P&P Article 21.0 (HERE IS THE LINK TO THE DOCUMENT) Intent is to fulfill ORSCNA conscience from July 2014 (Motion 10-7-14)
  • Tabled to Oct 2016 ORSC so hard copy can be provided to RCMs for review
  • Motion passed at Oct 2016 ORSC

10-7-16 To accept ORCNA xxix recommendation motions items 13, 14, and 15 with respect to creating policies around on-line meetings (HERE IS THE LINK TO THE MOTIONS). Intent: Consistency and required documentation/information as required.
  • July 2016 - motion referred to OCRC until October 2016
  • Oct 2016 - OCRC does not have necessary docs yet; tabled to January 2017

11-7-16 Add a 2nd Alternate Delegate position (RD, AD#1, AD#2) with 2 year terms. Intent is to reduce time and burden on RD/ADs. Cost impact is $4162
  • Chair referred to Alt-Chair to address affects on P&Ps
  • Oct 2016 - Tabled pending update from Alt-Chair with note from motion-maker to include that this would be a non-voting (ORSC) position.


2017 Roving Meeting - Areas expressing interest in hosting
  • Ottawa
  • North Bay
  • Tabled for vote at October 2016 ORSC
  • Oct 2016 vote: North Bay 14, Ottawa 7.
  • July 2017 will be held in North Bay. 
  • Alt-Chair to investigate costs for presentation to ORSC in January.

Ottawa Area Discussion paper regarding the issue of who votes at ORSC. Please be prepared for a discussion at the January 2017 meeting. Document is avaialble here.

Info re: former PR Chair debt to ORSC - Paul C has made a total of 3 $85 payments so far. She's doing e-transfers. She's on track to complete payment by September 2017. She turned over records but they were severely damaged. The software package is nowhere to be found.

ORSC Admin Virtual Meetings - Alt-Chair, Harold, mentioned that he'd like to see monthly virtual meetings on the 3rd Sunday for updates and to ensure that everyone is on task. They'll discuss it further and see if they can make it work.

    October Elections

  • Alt OCRC - Position eliminated by motion 6-7-16
  • Secretary - Kevin B (former Alt Sec) for his first term
  • Alt-Secretary - Vacant (3 years)
  • H&I - Henry W from Toronto for his first term
  • Northern Outreach Coordinator - Vacant (4 years)
  • Webservant - Rob B for his second term
  • PR - Brian S for his second term (tbc)


  • Chairperson - 4 years clean time
  • Alt-Chairperson - 3 years clean time
  • Alt-Secretary - 3 years clean time
  • Ont Convention Resource Committee Coordinator (OCRCC) - 6 years clean
  • Northern Outreach - 4 years clean time

Monday, November 9, 2015

October 2015


ORCNA XXX (2017) Bid
  • Bids were submitted at the July ORSC meeting by two areas; Greater London Area & Toronto
  • To see the bids, click on these links: GLANA / TORONTO
  • Just prior to the October ORSC meeting, GLANA withdrew it's bid
  • Vote to accept Toronto as ORCNA XXX host: Yes-8, No-3, Abstain-2. Motion passed.
  • ORCNA XXX Core Committee elections will be held December 20th at 10am

ORCNA XXIX (2016) Updates
  • Registration flyers distributed at November Ottawa Area meeting and available at The committee requests that you register early.
  • The ORCNA committee is trialling virtual meetings in order to save funds.
  • Areas are encouraged to host speaker jams or fundraisers to support ORCNA XXIX
  • ORCNA radio equipment is being rented to TACNA 2016 for a fee of $250
  • OCRC term is finished. Ben is not seeking a renewal.
  • New OCRC elected - Yaz
  • Alt-OCRC remains vacant - there is movement to have this position eliminated
  • Bill G. was elected for his second term as Literature Coordinator.
  • When ordering tri-plate medallions or any other specialty items, there is a 6-8 week delivery date for years 6 and above
  • The Regional Literature coordinator usually stocks tri-plate medallions from 1 to 5 years so this delivery date is shorter
  • If our Area Literature Chair contacts the Regional Literature Coordinator in advance of a specialty order, the delivery time could be shortened to 4 - 5 weeks depending on timing.
  • The Regional Literature coordinator has taken it upon himself to drive approximately 2 hours to pick up literature orders, saving shipping fees. The savings for the last quarter was approximately $1200.

  • ORSC Webhost has been renewed for 3 years.
  • Coordinator would like to post ORSC meeting minutes to ORSC website (excluding members personal information. A policy is being created for presentation at the January ORSC meeting.

Public Information
  • Brian S was elected for his first term (after serving an interim term of 3 months) as PI Coordinator
  • Brian has created a PR presentation/slideshow to share with all Areas. If you'd like to see it, click here.

Northern Outreach
  • Henry resigned due to work conflicts after serving a six month term. He has reconciled his float and makes the following recommendations:
    • Change the subcommittee name from Northern Outreach to Regional Outreach
    • It's a waste of funds to have the Northern Outreach Coordinator regularly attend the ORSC - particularly the roving meeting.
  • Emails to Northern Outreach will be directed to the ORSC Alt-Chair, Harold, until the position has been filled.


  • Canadian Convention (CCNA) is in Halifax, N.S. from November 6-8, 2015 with the CANA (Canadian Assembly of NA) meeting there November 2-6th.
  • C.A.R. (Conference Agenda Report) is coming out November 25, 2015. One of our World Board members and Vice-Chair of WSC, Arne, suggested that he would assist us in hosting a CAR workshop in our Region. TACNA may offer a CAR Workshop at the next convention in February 2016. More will be revealed.
  • CANA Survey - The CANA Planning workgroup is asking for assistance from groups/areas by filling out this survey. Please discuss at your business meetings and bring to Area for discussions/submission or submit directly to GSRs, please discuss this survey with your group and be prepared to discuss at OASCNA
  • The World membership survey is available for completion at
  • CCNA XXIV (Canadian Convention 2016) will be held at the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale in Mississauga, ON on September 30, October 1 & 2, 2016.
  • CANA/ACNA Positions opening up. Anyone interested may submit a resume to our Regional Delicate at and she will forward it to the CANA Secretary. Click this link for listing of positions. For more information, visit or contact your RD at the above e-mail.
  • 2016 Conference Agenda Report
    • The Traditions Book will be offered in approval draft form.
    • We will be offering recommendations in the C.A.R. for a 15-member board, an elimination of staggered terms, and a finite number of times a board member can stand for election in his or her lifetime.
    • This cycle, we plan to include a survey in the C.A.R. This survey will ask members to rank what is most important to them for new or revised recovery books and pamphlets, service material, and what discussions we need to have as a fellowship. At this time, our intention is to also offer this survey online.
    • The theme for the 2016 conference: "Honesty, Trust, and Goodwill". 
    • English Conference Agenda Report will be available November 25, 2015; translated CAR will be available December 24, 2015.

  • 2016 Conference Approval Track
    • This CAT will contain the NAWS Strategic Plan, budget, and project plans.
    • Additionally, we will offer outcomes from the Decision Making at the WSC virtual workgroup, and WSC seating recommendations and applications.
    • All delegates currently have the ability to include material that they would like other conference participants to discuss in the Conference Report.
    • We would like to offer this same ability earlier in the process by adding an additional component to the CAT mailing.
    • What this means for all regions is that if you or your region has an issue or idea that you would like to see considered by other participants, delegates can submit their idea/issue to us by December 15, 2015
    • The ideas and issues received will be distributed with the CAT mailing under a separate cover
    • Conference Approval Track material will be available January 25, 2016

  • Traditions Project
    • The biggest changes include simplification to the chapter structure and an effort to reduce the overall length as much as possible.
    • Traditions Book draft will be distributed by December 15, 2015 with the Conference Agenda Track
  • NA Public Service Announcements - Three PSAs are available and can be edited to include area or regional contact information. There is a $65 conversion fee. Have a look at what's available here.
  • More NAWS news


Regional Effectiveness Inventory (requested by Ottawa Area)
  • Ad-Hoc Chair presented his report as well as a copy of respondents long answers
  • Discussion at Region included the question of how a survey with 32 respondents could effectively represent a region the size of ORSC.
  • Report to be revisited at January ORSC meeting.
  • GSRs, please review and be prepared to discuss this at an upcoming OASCNA meeting.


Limestone Area (Kingston, Belleville...) Request for help with Unity Day
  • Limestone Area is holding a Unity Day on June 11, 2016
  • Large area with small service base requesting help from other areas with workshops, speakers, etc
  • For more information on how to help, please contact Steve I at 613-328-5200 or

  • TACNA 9 is February 12-14, 2016 (see title link for more info)
  • Committee requests that we "PLEASE, pre-register"
  • Committee still requesting proposals for workshops/speakers

    1. Proposal needs to include information on workshop subject and outline as well as facilitator(s)
    2. Send proposals to


22-4-15 Motion to incorporate a regional workshop evaluation form as protocol, to obtain feedback from participants
  • Motion tabled and referred to ORSC Alt-Chair to change the proposed evaluation form
  • To be revisited at January ORSC meeting

ORCNA XXX Bid Selection/Approval
  • Bids were submitted at the July ORSC meeting by two areas; Greater London Area & Toronto
  • To see the bids, click on these links: GLANA / TORONTO
  • Just prior to the October ORSC meeting, GLANA withdrew it's bid
  • Vote to accept Toronto as ORCNA XXX host: Yes-8, No-3, Abstain-2. Motion passed.


Location selection of July 2016 roving ORSC meeting
  • Interest was submitted at the July 2015 by Ottawa & Hamilton Areas
  • Discussion included a report made by ORSC Secretary in 2013 that travel costs for roving meeting to Ottawa vs Hamilton would be approximately $10,600 vs $5, 750.
  • It was also mentioned that many of the areas around Hamilton (Niagara Area in particular) are struggling, and a Hamilton location would facilitate participation by members from these areas.
  • Vote was - Ottawa: 4 Hamilton: 18
  • July 2016 Roving ORSC Meeting to be held in Hamilton

ORSC 2016 Proposed Budget
  • 2016 Budget proposal presented and tabled for vote at January 2016 ORSC meeting
  • You can view the budget here... Page 1 & Page 2
  • GSRs...please bring any questions or comments to the next OASCNA meeting

ORSC Donation Funding Formula (motioned by Ottawa Area)
  • Motion that ORSC create a donation funding formula in their Policies so that the ORSC Treasurer is not making a decision on his own as to what % goes to CANA & NAWS
  • Motion was tabled and referred to ORSC Treasurer to come back with a formula for vote at January 2016 ORSC meeting

Motion that ORSC Literature Coordinator become a paid position due to the number of hours of work required. (Motion by Bill G, Literature Coordinator)
  • After some discussion, the motion maker made motion to withdraw the motion but the objection to withdrawing the motion was passed
  • Motion was tabled and referred to the ORSC Chairperson to investigate liability, insurance & P&P implications
  • To be revisited at January 2016 ORSC meeting

Motion that ORSC meeting minutes be posted to ORSC website (Motion by webservant)
  • Discussion included concerns about ORSC member's personal information/anonymity, as well as password protection requirements.
  • Motion was tabled and referred to the motion maker to create a policy and bring back to the January 2016 meeting

Motion that Literature donate remaining 27 copies of the discontinued hard cover IWH&W Limited Edition to the ORCNA committee, as they've been sitting in inventory for some time (Motion by OCRC-Yaz)
  • Many members at the table were interested in buying the text at the reduced rate of $19.70 (reg. price $38.40)
  • Motion to table to January 2016 ORSC meeting
  • GSRs...if anybody would like to purchase a copy of this text, please advise your Alt-RCM before the January meeting. Quantities are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

Motion that ORSC send a registered letter to former PI Coordinator (Motion by Vice-Chair, Harold)
  • The former PI Coordinator resigned prior to the April 2015 ORSC meeting
  • She owes ORSC a balance of $1382.73, Microsoft Office Publisher Software (value $135.60), and the PI/PR archives and service materials.
  • After several attempts from numerous members of the ORSC to recoup these items, the former PI Coordinator has been uncooperative
  • Motion was passed to send a registered letter regarding restitution of funds and return of materials.
  • ORSC Chair and Alt-Chair to coordinate and initiate letter and report back at January 2016 ORSC meeting

Motion that ORSC provide 3 Basic Texts & 3 IWH&W to libraries at correctional facilities in the Limestone area (Motion by Limestone Area RCM)
  • The cost is $603.60
  • The Limestone Area has limited resources but has at least 8 correctional facilities
  • Motion was passed


  • Treasurer - 5 years clean time
  • Alt-Treasurer - 4 years clean time
  • Alt-OCRC - 6 years clean time
  • Northern Outreach - 4 years clean time

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