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July 2016 - Fellowship Development Wknd & ORSC Meeting


ORCNA XXXI (2018) Bid
  • The only bid submitted at the July ORSC meeting (by the current OCRC) is to hold ORCNA XXXI in Blue Mountain
  • To see the bid and budget, click on these links: Resort package / Budget
  • RCMs should be prepared to vote on this bid at the October 2016 ORSC meeting.
  • There is a motion on the table (13.4.16) for ORSC to purchase a "Go To Meeting" package @ a cost of $530 annually beginning October 2016. This is to facilitate on-line meetings with HD video conferencing, beginning with ORCNA XXXI. The motion-maker estimates an annual $1500 savings in travel expenses. The motion has been tabled to the October 2016 meeting. Be sure your RCM has your Area's conscience.

ORCNA XXIX (2016) Blue Mountain - Updates
  • 870 registration packages were recorded, including 79 hardship packages
  • Net revenue, after $4000 float was repaid, was $7600
  • A small number of complaints were received about the final speaker "language used...". If you have any comments, please contact Ontario Regional Convention Coordinator

ORCNA XXX (2017) Toronto - Updates
  • May 19-21st at the Hilton Meadowvale in Mississauga
  • Registration forms are now available here
  • ORCNA XXX Alt-Chairperson was ratified at July 2016 ORSC. Your Alt-Chairperson is David M from the Greater London Area

  • Currently, there is $43K worth of literature in the storage locker
  • It is noted that our insurance policy covers a maximum of $30K
  • Coordinator, Bill G, notes that the increased amount is an anomoly due to stockpiling inventory prior to the July 1 increase in the peg rate and that inventory will be depleted below the $30K shortly
  • ORSC meeting minutes will be posted on-line by August 1st
  • Webservant term is up for election October 2016 (requires 3 years)

Hospitals & Institutions
  • Position was vacant.
  • Coordinator, Henry W from Toronto, was elected at July 2016 ORSC for an interim term
  • H&I Coordinator term is up for election October 2016 (requires 4 years)

Public Information
  • Coordinator, Brian S, was contacted via the phone line and did a CBC radio interview on behalf of NA. Airing date & time to be determined.
  • Brian does PR e-mail updates. If you would like to be added to the e-mail blasts, contact him here: PR Coordinator
  • A reminder that Brian created a PR presentation/slideshow in October 2015 to share with all Areas. If you'd like to see it, click here.

Northern Outreach
  • George from Weagamow Lake, a reserve up north left a message. Coordinator, Tony, made contact and sent a startup package was sent to help this community. He'll follow up soon.


  • Electronic polling was used for the first time, which provided participants and the facilitators with precise and accurate results of each poll and vote. We now have a count for every vote taken.
  • The 14 motions from the Conference Agenda Report took close to two solid days of WSC's time so the strategic planning session was cancelled and the fellowship development and public relations sessions were collapsed into one session.
  • Of 115 seated regions, 112 RDs were present
  • Not in attendance were El Salvador, Greater Illinois and Iran
  • Le Nordet Region, which has folded, was removed from the list (and count) of Conference participants through a new business proposal.
  • Of the 112 Regional Delegates attending, 61 are from the US, 5 from Canada, and 42 from outside the US & Canada
  • There are 148 men and 68 women among the Conference Participants - delegates, alternate delegates, and World Board members
  • Represented were 40 countries and 26 languages
  • There are 128 voting members seated on the floor of this WSC - 112 delegates and 16 World Board members. In addition, there are 89 alternate delegates, 4 HRP members, 2 co-facilitators, 3 translators, and 1 parliamentarian.
  • This was the first WSC that Quisqueyana Region (Dominican Republic) participated as a seated member.
  • This Conference made the decision to seat three regions: Grande Sao Paulo Region; HOW Region; Rio de Janeiro Region

  • We continue to see challenges with the production of illicit Basic Texts, typically a version composed of the Third Edition, Revised, with the addition of language from the Second Edition that wrongly places the NA service structure outside of NA. The production and/or use of these illicit texts in or out of NA meetings is in conflict with the Fellowship's conscience and a violation of the NA's copyright. In addition, some NA groups that clearly intend to use the "Gray Form" in their meetings are seeking to be registered with NAWS. The Group Booklet, an NA approved booklet, stipulates that NA groups use only NA approved literature in NA meetings. We believe that groups that openly disregard the NA's expectations of what an NA group is, as expressed in The Group Booklet, require our attention.
  • Some area and regional service committees post NA recovery literature locally on their websites. Posting NA literature is a form of duplication, and the FIPT (Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust) does not permit service committees to duplicate NA recovery literature. When these types of local postings are brought to our attention, we ask the responsible service committees to remove any recovery literature from their website and servers, and most do. Some don't, and that leaves us in the unwelcome position of taking action that could result in the website being shut down.
  • Straw polls were taken and the current position (noted above) was strongly supported.

  • Literature Survey: Book Length... 1) Daily Meditation: Spiritual Principle a Day; 2) Service & Recovery.  Booklet or Pamphlet Length... 1) Mental Health; 2) Carrying a Clear NA Message 3) Applying the Concepts

  • Literature Distribution Numbers:

  1. Paper Publications: Reaching Out (13,546); NA Way Magazine (26,454) in 8 languages-English, Farsi, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
  2. Electronic Publications (E-books): Basic Text (14,601); Living Clean (6,594); It Works (7,826); Step Working Guide (1,169); Sponsorship (948)
  3. Smart Phone Apps: NA Meeting Search (nearly 300,000 since launch); NA Recovery Companion (2,174 in first 4 months)
  4. NAWS News (22,251) in 6 languages-English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

  • NAWS Membership Survey - Draft copy of the Membership Survey was distributed at WSC. It was completed by 22,803 members - the largest number of participants to date. Results will be available in September 2016.
There is more information available from the WSC 2016 on the NAWS website. You are encouraged to print this information and share it with your home groups.

World Unity Day will be September 3rd. You're asked to observe a moment of quiet or prayer to celebrate the occasion, in concert with members around the world. Ontario's time zone - to be in-sync with the worldwide fellowship - is 13h00 on September 3rd.

Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous (CANA)

Canadian Convention XXIV (2016) - soon and nearby!!!

  • Canadian Convention (CCNA) is in Mississauga, ON Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2 at the Hilton Meadowvale.
  • Upwards of 1000 members are expected.
  • Banquet and brunch tickets must be purchased in advance as they will not be available on-site. "Very exciting things" are promised to happen during these meals.
  • LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a brunch ticket - receive 10 workshop speaker recordings free. Purchase a banquet ticket - receive 18 workshop speaker recordings free. Purchase both brunch & banquet tickets and receive ALL workshop speaker recordings free. This offer is only valid until August 31st with registration.
  • SPEAKERS WANTED: CCNA XXIV will be a very large event and will need many speakers. Most, if not all, speakers are chosen from those people who Early Bird or Pre-Registered. If you are interested in being considered as a speaker please make sure you select that optionn during your registration process. Uploading an audio file through the CCNA website will also help in the decision making process. Check out the speaker submission page at Canadian Convention (CCNA)
  • SERVICE VOLUNTEERS: CCNA needs people to Chair meetings, work in registration, programming, merchandising and much more. Please express your willingness on either the Pre-Registration Form or the Canadian Convention (CCNA) web site and you will be contacted.
  • HOSPITALITY SUITE HELP: The hospitality wuites are provided every year as a place where members can hang out and get to know one another. In the room you will find coffee, snacks, great fun and fellowship. We are asking for help to take care of this room. We are looking for a commitment of a few hours from different NA Groups all over Canada. What does this sponsorship look like from your Group? 1-Ensure that the room is tidy for the hours you are committed (2 hours); 2-Encourage others to enjoy the space to carry the message of recovery; 3-Provide coffee/snacks for the room OR an optional monetary donation for coffee/snacks. If your Region/Area/Group would like to volunteer OR you wish to volunteer that weekend to help with this, please contact Kevin F or Adriana V at this e-mail and we will give you a time slot you wish to sponsor. If you wish to make a monetary donation then please contact us and we will give you details on how.

TACNA 9 (2016 Update)
  • TACNA 9 was held February 12-14, 2016
  • TACNA submitted a contribution to ORSC of $5395.49 in July 2016


22-4-15 Motion to incorporate a regional workshop evaluation form as protocol, to obtain feedback from participants
  • Workshop evaluation forms will be used at all workshops facilitated by ORSC members; passed by Unanimous consent July 2016

6-10-15 Consult a tax lawyer re: RCA decision and NA info for discussion and decision on HST status
  • As per January 2016 amendment, Bill K has sent requests for quotes to 3 firms (all in Toronto).
  • Tabled to Oct 2016 while awaiting replies

13-4-16 Motion that ORSC purchase a "Go To Meeting" package @ cost of $530 annually, beginning Oct 2016 for use by ORCNA XXXI committee. Intent is to save an estimated $1500 annually on travel and allow members from the entire region to participate on ORCNA committees.
  • Motion tabled by motion-maker to October 2016 ORSC


6-7-16 Motion to accept Ontario Convention Resource Committee, which eliminates Hotels & Hospitality from ORCNA & current OCRC position. Intent is to fulfill ORSCNA conscience from July 2014 (Motion 10-7-14)
  • Tabled to Oct 2016 ORSC so hard copy can be provided to RCMs for review
11-7-16 Add a 2nd Alternate Delegate position (RD, AD#1, AD#2) with 2 year terms. Intent is to reduce time and burden on RD/ADs. Cost impact is $4162
  • Chair referred to Alt-Chair to address affects on P&Ps

2017 Roving Meeting - Areas expressing interest in hosting
  • Ottawa
  • North Bay
  • Tabled for vote at October 2016 ORSC where Admin can offer other options


  • Alt-Treasurer - Nelly V from Toronto
  • ORCNA XXX Alt-Chair - David M from Greater London Area
  • H&I - Henry W from Toronto


  • Alt-OCRC - 6 years clean time
  • Secretary - 4 years clean time
  • Alt-Secretary - 3 years clean time
  • H&I - 4 years clean time
  • Northern Outreach - 4 years clean time
  • Webservant - 3 years clean time

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